If your employees embrace unhealthy behaviors, it can lead to serious consequences for the company. You could see high costs for health insurance and lower productivity from workers if their health is not a priority. Ultimately, it’s entirely on them how they take care of themselves, but there are certain things that an employer can do to incentivize workers and encourage them to stay healthy. Here are some tips to motivate your employees to pursue healthier behaviors.

Encourage fitness

One of the best ways you can encourage employees to pursue healthier behaviors is to focus on fitness. You do not have to tell them to go run miles every day; it can be something as simple as putting together a group of people who enjoy hiking or some other active hobby. Consider offering discounted gym memberships and cover part of the cost; it’s a great benefit employees can take advantage of.

Gamify employee health

If you want to get your employees excited about healthy behaviors, gamify it and include rewards. Have competitions to see who can participate in the most 5ks or get the highest amount of steps on a fitness watch. Offer gift cards or other prizes to those employees who make significant improvements or are dedicated to a healthier lifestyle.

Share helpful information

As the weather changes, it’s more likely that employees can get sick. Share information on how they can avoid getting sick during these times; let them know where local clinics are close to the office or other healthful tips on what to do during flu and cold season.

Keep the office healthy

If you keep food in the office, make sure it’s a healthy kind. Employees are going to snack on it if it’s there, so try to keep any office snacks healthier than typical alternatives. You can also ensure that the air quality is good and has decent circulation to cut down on the likelihood of employees spreading airborne germs.

Create a positive culture

If you want employees to pursue healthier behaviors, you need to create a positive office culture. Cheer on employees pursuing better habits and make the office a place that employees feel comfortable talking about working on better habits and being overall healthier.