When you regularly work with clients in your business, it’s important that you understand how to communicate with them successfully. Even if you aren’t directly working with clients, you’re likely working with representatives from other businesses or some type of outside entity that you need to maintain a good relationship with for the success of your business. Here are a few ways to strengthen your relationship with clients.

Really listen to them

A lot of people struggle with communication; when it comes to growing your business and working with clients, this skill is vital and can be the difference between success and failure. Make sure you clearly understand what your client wants and that you have a good understanding of their goals. Provide them with updates on what you’re working on and regularly touch base.

Share your knowledge

Your client is likely coming to you because you offer a skill or service they cannot provide themselves. Instead of just having a short conversation with your client and then doing your job, take the time to educate them about what your business does and what you can offer them; it helps ensure further business.

Set goals

Set clear goals together with your client. By setting clear goals in the beginning of the relationship, you avoid any misunderstandings on both ends. You want to know what the client expects, but it’s also important that they understand what you can and cannot provide. Work together to create goals that have a plan and are achievable. It’s vital to set expectations with your client so you’re on the same page.

Meet in person

If possible, meet with your clients in person. When you’re working together to further both of your businesses, having a face-to-face meeting makes it easier to go over goals and set expectations. You also recognize one another as people instead of just a name on email or a voice over the phone. Meeting clients, even if it’s just once, can make a huge difference.

Regularly check-in

In order to keep the relationship with your client smooth and your business working toward success, regularly check-in with each other. It’s important to make sure that their expectations and goals haven’t changed and you can update them on any developments. It’s important to receive feedback from one another and ensure everything is on track.