In business, geniuses are often the ones who come up with incredibly innovative ideas and methods. They can launch incredible companies rallied around a fantastic concept or product. However, we all too often see these businesses fail and ideas shrivel up. For those around geniuses who work with them, there’s always a fair amount of risk in these business ventures. A genius can have a fantastic idea, but there’s a fair chance that it won’t come to fruition. In order to achieve success when working with geniuses, the people around them need to understand the root of the risk and what solution can help avoid it.

They lose interest

The biggest reason that businesses led by geniuses often lose steam and fail is that the geniuses behind the business and ideas lose interest in what they’re doing. Geniuses thrive on challenges; they want to find the solution to a problem. However, too often, once they figure out the solution, they begin to lose interest and want to move onto the next problem. For some businesses and industries, this aim can be done successfully, but in others it means that the genius has lost interest in fine-tuning their product and is ready to move on from the business.

While the people around geniuses are busy improving the product or service and planning for the future of the company, geniuses are often left feeling bored and unfulfilled.

The importance of details

An important factor of business success that geniuses often seem to overlook is the supreme importance of details. When it comes to working out minor bugs or paying attention to minute business details, geniuses do not want to bother themselves with these. Instead of thinking about how to fundraise for the company and attend important events to meet potential investors, geniuses want to be working on a project and attempting to find the solution; they do not see the point of creating a detailed business plan.

This scenario can be okay if someone else is working as the face of the company. This way, the genius can be left to work on their projects and create for the business instead of being forced to focus on smaller details they do not consider important. It is possible to find a fairly easy solution to the problem and keep the genius happy and the business thriving.

The solution

Instead of having the genius control the company and be in charge of all the smaller details, build a strong team. The companies that are the most successful are the ones with teams who complement each other and can communicate. Usually, people across the team will own shares of the company instead of it all belonging to the genius with the ideas. Then, in order to make decisions for the business, the genius needs to work with other people and listen to their input. Having professionals who are savvy and experienced in running a business makes it much more likely the company achieves true success.