In any company, it’s vitally important that your employees feel satisfied. Too often, a company appears to be doing well and receiving a lot of business, but if employees feel unappreciated and there’s a high level of turnover, that’s a bad sign. If you have unhappy employees, these feelings can easily translate into unhappy customers. Happy employees provide great customer service, while people who are unsatisfied with their jobs are likely putting in less than their best and already focusing on the next step in their careers. Here are some ways to make sure your employees are satisfied with your company and doing the best work possible.

Ask for anonymous feedback

Whether you’re the head of the company or a lower level manager, always ask for feedback from your team. While most companies ask for feedback and claim employees can talk to their supervisors or HR about anything, many people feel intimidated by a face-to-face meeting when they’re addressing something they are not happy with. Open up a way for employees to offer anonymous feedback; you’ll get a more accurate picture of how employees view the office culture.

Allow flexibility

Many employees have a lot of responsibilities in their lives and goals they want to accomplish outside of work; these employees value flexibility in their careers. If possible for the type of work your company does, give the option to work remotely when needed. Offer a fair amount of PTO and sick time or time to take off for family emergencies. Employees will stay longer for this kind of flexibility.

Encourage balance

For anyone, balance between work and life is important. Unfortunately, many companies do not encourage this balance. Communicate with employees to make sure they aren’t close to burning out and encourage ways employees can be more balanced in all areas of their lives.

Be transparent

Transparency is helpful at all levels of a company, but sometimes higher-ups do not think of  making it a priority with employees. Hold regular meetings to keep employees up-to-date on how the company is doing and what the goals for each year are. Helping employees understand the company’s vision and feel like they’re a part of it will keep them more satisfied at work.

Promote positivity

All too often, office environments can become a bit negative. People spend a lot of time together and sometimes unflattering traits become apparent. If employees seem overly negative, address this issue. Practice positivity yourself and share ways to be more positive with employees.

Provide clear career paths

Many employees can feel unsatisfied because they are unclear on their career paths. They believe there’s no room to grow at their current company and thus feel unfulfilled and unmotivated. In order to fix this issue, set clear goals and guidelines for how an employee can advance at your company. Let them know what their options are and how they can succeed, even if it doesn’t mean getting a specific promotion.

Evaluate benefits

If you want your employees to remain satisfied at your business, evaluate the benefits you offer every so often. Then, update these benefits to reflect the times and needs of your workforce.