In a technological world, it is a common concern that technology will replace many of our jobs, increasing unemployment. I want to focus on technology that has allowed businesses and companies to do more with less. Technology has not replaced human staff but it has taken on many of the more routine and mundane tasks that few humans enjoy doing anyway, freeing humans up to take on many more complex and challenging tasks. Here are three ways that technology helps human staff.


Faster Searching


Businesses both large and small are almost always on the hunt for something. Whether it is a new supplier, janitorial services, a new location or even more staff, technology can help. Not only can technology help give you more options than ever before but it can also help you narrow down your options through online reviews and other digital vetting processes.


Better Tracking


From time to money to sales to inventory, all businesses have an infinite number of resources they need to track in order to run smoothly. The more information is integrated, the more smoothly a business will run. From project management software to accounting software to programs that can help you track the amount of time you are spending online, technology can help businesses create one smooth, streamlined system to track and manage all of their many needs.


Better Assistance


From digital assistants like Google or Siri to virtual receptionists to finding a freelance graphic artist or web designer to work on a single project, technology makes it easy for even the smallest of businesses to get all of their many needs met. Seasonal businesses can benefit from having a temporary influx of employees that they neither have to hire individually or let go at the end of the season. Law firms or other agencies that may have need of additional temporary assistance for a single large client can get what they need when they need it without having to hire additional permanent staff or overwork their current staff with heavy additional short-term needs.